We are open!

Daysland Library building is now open with our regular days and hours, but we are asking that you call and book an appointment to come in. 

We have Covid-19 safety measures in place with hand sanitizer and masks at the front door, safety glass up around the circulation desk and returns being held for 72 hours.

Note: This event is now over.

Bentley Municipal Library

Summer Reading Program

Jun 15, 2020 to Jul 27, 2020  |  June & July 2020


Registration is now open for the Bentley Municipal Library TD Summer Reading Program!

In addition to signing up on the TD website we ask you to email bentleylibrary@prl.ab.ca and register! 

Registration week runs Monday, June 15 – 19th, 2020. 

A worksheet will be emailed out every Monday starting June 22, 2020 ending July 27, 2020. We ask the registered patrons to then choose a book of their choice, read the book, complete the worksheet and then join us at the Bentley Municipal Park Friday mornings, 10:00 AM where the registered patrons can submit their worksheet for a prize, then we will offer a socially distanced read aloud.